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Virtual try-on simplifies shopping online

Virtual try-on are often turned down by customers if they are not certain whether the items they like will fit or if they will enjoy them. Often, customers will not buy products online, if it is not necessary. Virtual try-on gives customers the opportunity to see how the item will appear and feel before buying.


A recent study by Pew Research revealed that 70% of customers have difficulty finding clothing online that fits properly. This results in significant returns or $550 billion on a yearly basis for online retailers.

It is now possible to virtually try on clothes before you buy using augmented reality, which will help to mitigate the negative effects of this huge problem in the near term.

virtual try-on
virtual try-on in online shopping

Below we tried to explain what is virtual try-on? why is it important? and all you need to know about this new technology.

what is a virtual try-on?

The virtual try-on process enables consumers to imagine themselves wearing clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics virtually by using the camera on a smartphone or tablet. These products are visualized by using augmented reality, which overlays the visuals over real-world images. If you would like to try on clothes virtually you may do so by using a computer program, a virtual try-on application, or through social media.

Why virtual try-on?

What are the benefits of virtual Try-on? Why is this technology so important? In this section, we try to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the virtual try-on as one of the future technologies important for the next generation of humans.

Advantages of virtual try-on

Virtual try-on is an excellent tool to facilitate the decision-making process since it allows the consumer to experiment at a pace that is comfortable for him/her until they find the item that best fits him/her. For example, they can try on a variety of accessories to discover which ones will go best with the outfit they have on at the moment or which ones will complement their attire the most. Providing consumers with an opportunity to try before they buy will reduce the likelihood of them returning goods instead, they will be more likely to find the correct product on the first attempt.

The user has another advantage in that they want to share experiences, such as putting your product on virtually, then sharing the picture with their friends via Snapchat. Imagine someone using the app to try on your product and then sharing their cute photo with their network. That is fantastic marketing for your business.

One of the main benefits of virtual try-on is the possibility of cross-selling. Customers can, for instance, combine makeup products with your virtual try-on tool.

disadvantages of Virtual Try-on

Like other technologies, we should expect that this new field of science also negatively affect our lives. First, the application must have a fast internet connection to function properly. If the internet connection is slow, the application will feel unresponsive, making it difficult for users to use. So in the area where the infrastructure is not prepared, they can’t use the virtual try-on apps efficiently.

Privacy is another concern associated with these apps. This has become an increasingly prevalent issue over the past few decades. Users today are much more aware of their personal information and are less likely to be offended when others are sharing their personal information.

Additionally, when sharing images or videos, certain people might be wary, particularly if an example is used, such as wearing tight clothing. Also, cloud computing provides the opportunity to develop hard-to-defend attack vectors, so extra measures are necessary for information security. You can counteract these problems by running computations locally, which is a more straightforward method.

The last disadvantage of virtual try-on is obtaining 3D models for the virtual try-on. With these models, the quality of the outcome will be affected by quality of these models. Today, there are only a few apps available on the market that support high-quality 3D models.

How does virtual try-on work?

In addition to 3D virtual fitting technology and smartphone camera technology, augmented reality enables consumers to try on items without leaving their homes.

augment reality in virtual try-on

The camera records a picture of the customer and the underlying augmented reality overlays a picture of the product on the customer’s image to demonstrate how the product will appear on the customer’s body.

As another solution, 3D body scanners can be used to create precise 3D avatars of ourselves to fit them with the items or products we wish to purchase. Then, customers can place virtual products on avatars, resulting in more accurate fittings than can be achieved by using video footage.

Virtual try-on usages in different industries

virtual try-on hair color and makeup

Makeup apps and augmented reality technology are allowing users to experiment with different hair colors and make-up styles all through their mobile devices.

State-of-the-art technology is used to ensure that the color models and haircut styles are as faithful as possible, so you can find a hairstyle that is just right for your face when you visit the salon. It comes with a few cool filters so you can take truly impressive self-portraits.

virtual try-on for glasses

Virtually wearing eyeglasses before a major purchase is not a new concept. People throughout the world use this service to try on products before they purchase them. By combining digital technology with artificial intelligence, consumers can now create their virtual try-on for glasses products.

This app allows consumers to test out hundreds of products for free without leaving their homes. these apps can be downloaded onto any device with a camera, such as a laptop or a smartphone, making shopping easy.

virtual try-on for clothes

Fashion brands and businesses can create safe, convenient, and efficient methods for customers to test clothing in-store and online through virtual trying-on technology. Individuals can truly examine and try on clothes that may be on display or even ahead of schedule.

virtual try on clothes
virtual try-on clothes

The store of the future will look significantly different from the store we have become accustomed to. Given the shift in consumer demands, the store of the future will experience a dramatic change.

Augmented reality will enable new, tech-driven experiences instead of cluttered shelves. With virtual fitting technologies, customers can see how clothing fits, looks, and fits in style without ever trying it on.

The AR technology maps a realistic virtual image of the product onto the image captured by the camera. Then it allows customers to see how the product will look on them before purchasing.

Virtual mirror

The changing room has a magic mirror that lets customers virtually try on clothes, without removing any clothing. This software allows customers to try on clothes quickly and easily by changing colors and patterns within seconds.

With the use of this technology, we can gain a better understanding of fit, as well as the high number of returns and environmental impact now resulting from the fashion industry, which will help fashion buyers make better purchasing decisions.

The market today is filled with virtual try-on apps, and some major clothing brands have adopted them. As per their records, this technology was so effective that they plan to move forward with it.

virtual try-on for shoes

This kind of application allows you to see how your shoes will look from all angles before purchasing them. This is a convenient and exciting way to shop for footwear on your mobile device.

virtual try on for shoes

This feature allows you to see how the shoes will look from every angle. Simply select “Virtual Try-On” below the product image and point the camera toward your feet. You may also select different color options from the carousel.

During the trying-on process, you can capture pictures on your device and share them with your friends. A virtual try-on feature is available for a variety of footwear brands. A button appears beneath the image of the shoe on the product page.

virtual try-on for engagement rings

The Virtual Try-On feature allows you to upload a photo of your hand once you have selected a ring and selected the elements you want on your ring. Once you have chosen your ring and selected the elements you want, you can save or share your design.

Find your perfect wedding band by browsing different metals, diamond shapes, and styles. This ring search process is so easy that you’ll find the perfect ring in seconds, whatever your style.

the future of virtual try-on

3D technologies can help the fashion industry to attract new consumers and provide excellent customer service as it looks to attract new customers soon.

future of online shopping

3D products with flawless designs are more likely to attract this emerging customer base. New products that help consumers engage with companies are one of the hottest trends today.

With this new technology, your brand will be able to increase visibility, traffic, and revenue sustainably. Not only will these programs provide benefits to your business, but they will also promote sustainability.