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What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Having read Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” or traveled to the ocean’s depths, I have concluded that human beings have succeeded in whatever they have set out to do. Today, with the existence of Augmented reality technology, it seems these dreams will come true soon.

You can imagine a world where digital elements, such as visual elements and audio elements, can be combined with other sensory stimuli to create an Augmented Reality or AR world.

Almost all major companies are making use of augmented reality as part of their marketing strategy today, but what exactly is augmented reality, and what are its potential uses?

Augmented Reality or AR technology

The concept of augmented reality is defined as adding additional views to the real world by combining them with the real world and elements in the virtual world. It is this combination that allows augmented reality to exist.

Augmented Reality

Despite the advancement of technology, it brings several layers of digital information to the physical world of humans, which allows us to gain a greater understanding of our surroundings.

A computer sensor gathers and processes data related to the surrounding environment by using an interactive interface to analyze it.

In real life, you will often see real objects mixed in with 3D objects, GPS data, holograms, and visualizations of data, as well as other types of information that are only accessible through the senses. Today, many companies are researching and developing augmented reality functions.

Consequently, this technology is capable of helping people in a variety of scenarios, and more and more people, business owners, engineers, and scientists are implementing this technology in their daily operations.

You can access AR technology on your mobile phone by installing special applications. You can also start glasses and special head-mounted displays can also access this technology be used?

To better understand what augmented reality is, it’s good to try it. To use this technology, your phone must be new and smart. Some of the facilities that we need in this smart technology are:

  • Digital cameras and/or other optical sensors
  • accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Solid state compasses
  • Radiofrequency identification (RFID)
  • Internet
  • AR software

The easiest way to use augmented reality is to use special software to display the products you sell in augmented reality. In this way, by selecting the product photo, customers will see it in 3D and can better decide to buy it or not.

What is the difference between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)?

Since virtual reality and augmented reality are both based on computer-generated images, many people consider the two to be the same. While this is not the case. Let’s explain both to understand the difference.

In augmented reality, what exists in the real world is mixed with computer images and the result will appear in front of one’s eyes.

In virtual reality, everything we see is just computer images that include modeling, chromakey, video, and animations.

Main applications of Augmented Reality technology

Until today, this new field of science has been able to significantly impact the medical, military, robotics, and other industries concerned with applying the technology.

The market today is flooded with augmented reality applications, and among them, the following can be mentioned:

Augmented reality in Medical Education:

In a wide range of areas, this technology can improve medical equipment and treatment, such as MRI machines, complicated surgical procedures, and other forms of treatment.

augmented reality in medical education

Case Western Reserve University’s medical school has provided its students with headsets equipped with augmented reality technology so that they can see the human body in 3D and learn about symptoms and treatments.

The effort to prevent medical errors and save lives would be tremendous if such progress could be achieved.

Increasing income in all types of businesses by Augmented Reality

In the wake of the development of augmented reality marketing campaigns, all types of stores are using it to gather customer data and increase sales for the first time. The popularity of this marketing method is increasing to the point that it is expected to become standard.

The Harley-Davidson company is one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers, and it uses advanced AR technology to let its customers select the bike of their choice at home, then conduct color and option checking and finally purchase the engine of their choice via AR.

As another factor, purchasing glasses online was a risky business until some online stores introduced augmented reality, which makes it possible for customers to test out and compare glasses in some online stores, so purchasing glasses online is no longer risky.


Technicians can find solutions to complex issues with their help, demonstrating its effectiveness in a wide range of fields.


As the Internet of Things expands, augmented reality will become more prevalent in several industries, including automotive, medical, manufacturing, and many more. With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, maintenance and repair will become more efficient. 

Interior Decoration Design

With augmented reality technology, it is easier to visit an interior decoration store before implementing it or change your decision if necessary. In this way, there is no risk of making an incorrect purchase. It was previously difficult for customers to find the right color of furniture and walls.


Architects have also adopted AR technology to help with their construction processes, updating plans simultaneously with interior designers. Planners can also create their desired urban planning model and see it in action before implementing it.

A clear understanding of the final result allows engineers to focus less on investing without knowing the outcome.

 Reduce Business Costs

Business entities that are familiar with augmented reality will be able to reduce a variety of costs, including transportation, storage, and maintenance, by taking advantage of its benefits.

With AR glasses, DHL workers can locate warehouse products and pinpoint the fastest routes to reach them.

It will certainly benefit businesses and organizations in the short and long run. It streamlines the process of procuring and transferring goods, as well as improving the efficiency of the overall process.

Increasing students’ emotional intelligence and understanding

Enhancing students’ emotional intelligence can enhance their productivity. The use of this new technology in education has many applications, including the presentation of educational content, the analysis of internal body organs, and the creation of multimedia magazines.

As part of Aurasma’s initiative, students can use their tablets and participate in a more engaging classroom environment. Accordingly, music education students can see their notes played through Augmented Reality, while astronomy students can view the entire solar system through AR.

Increasing people’s life experience

The modern lifestyle leaves us unable to see everything around us since we are too busy for everything. Using AR technology, we can enhance our sensory experiences by combining our visual, auditory, and other senses more effectively.

Tourism Industry

When it comes to choosing a place to travel, people are usually in doubt about various options.

AR technology enables travel companies to virtualize some of their cities or countries’ top attractions before users arrive. It helps the user becomes a customer and is enthused to visit the place because he appreciates its beauty.

The tourism industry understands AR through high-speed marketing. So, they will use this technology to attract many customers by using headsets. As such, a user can walk the streets of Paris or visit various locations in Italy with these headsets.

Increasing the enjoyment of watching sports matches

It would be possible to enhance sports matches enjoyment by using augmented reality. For example, when watching a weightlifter, one could observe not only the barbell but also the lifter’s weight.

Augmented reality in Computer Games

The number of games utilizing the new technology is increasing every day, and it will enhance the user experience. Pokmon Go is one of these games.

AR in gaming

Final Speeches

Using technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, we can take a direct path instead of going round in circles. New technologies will have a significant impact on the daily lives of people.

Augmented reality is very wide-ranging. Using it can simplify our daily lives, improve advertising, grow our business, and improve customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)?

An AR system combines real-life objects with computer images, showing the result in real-time. In virtual reality, everything we see is just computer images that include modeling, chromakey, video, and animations.

What are the main applications of AR technology?

Medical, military, robotics, and other industries are embracing this new technology as its applications grow worldwide.

As a result, this new technology every day is becoming more and more popular in our life.  This article examines the applications of augmented reality in detail.