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Metaverse, the new fantastic world

What is Metaverse?

During the last few decades, Metaverse has been used by a wide array of individuals to describe their perspectives on the world, however, understanding what the term means is essential. Metaverse is composed of two words, Meta and Verse. Meta represents “superiority” while Verse refers to the word “universe” meaning “world”.

The Metaverse is a virtual network in which users can communicate with one another and with other elements in their environment like that which occurs in real life. In other words, the Metaverse functions as a virtual environment to facilitate communication between users.

The term can be defined as a world that has been created through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, which include social media, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchains.

Blockchain technology has been incorporated into technology to create blockchain games. These games are based on the transfer of tokens to play games.

The important thing to remember is that metaverse games running on blockchain perform the same as those on non-blockchains and that tokens have only been created for players’ assets.

What is Metaverse?

History of Metaverse

The term metaverse and its evolution can be traced back to Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash published in the 1990s, although there are no practical examples of metaverses. Demonstrations of metaverses have appeared in fiction, computer games, and digital technologies for quite some time.

The story of Avatar and Metaverse is first told in this book and later made its way into the digital world under the same title. However, the story is not concluded here by a much later author Ernest Cline in his book Ready Player One In a similar setting, he describes human life in 2044.

The narrator mentions that people will be able to live in the virtual and digital world in addition to their regular lives. Given all these developments and the fact that Facebook is now called Meta, it appears that there were several plans for the Metaverse market to flourish over the years.

What is virtual reality “VR” in Metaverse?


Wearing a headset with a virtual reality camera allows visitors to enter a virtual universe in which objects and events are displayed and interacted with. Through the use of these headsets, visitors can engage in a wide range of activities and events.

What is augmented reality “AR” in Metaverse?

With augmented reality and virtual reality, the metaverse can be realized. Since augmented reality adds a digital character or object to a space, the term is meant to encourage the use of the virtual world.

To understand what augmented reality is, you will need to watch Garfield, Dumbo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, and other films that feature real characters mixed with non-real characters, such as animals or cartoons.

As a matter of fact, with augmented reality, digital experiences are seamlessly integrated with the physical world and can even be interacted with. Live-action movies are not augmented reality, but because they are seamlessly integrated with the physical world, we can understand them more closely.

Metaverse and Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt one of the leading companies in the Metaverse field. However, as we heard in the news, Facebook is now referred to as the “Metaverse”, which indicates that the company is focusing on the Metaverse.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a virtual conference:

“As a company moving forward, we envision ourselves as a Metaverse company, and we intend to build our identity and work based on what we are currently building. Most of our business is divided into two segments, one for apps, and one for platform initiatives.

As part of this initiative, without a brand, we would be unable to convey who we are and what we are about.”

Metaverse and Facebook


Metaverse’s increased interest is likely to be attributed to Facebook’s recent entry into the field, as it is a well-established technology giant with substantial financial resources and a high growth potential, in addition to Facebook’s involvement with major companies for Metaverse’s expansion and development.

The virtual world is a place where anyone can do whatever they wish in terms of meeting up with their friends and family, helping them with their work, participating in classes together, playing online games together, going shopping, and doing whatever they wish.

Zuckerberg is among the advocates of Metaverse’s technology community, who are tirelessly working to ensure its realization as an alternative to today’s Internet.

The role of digital currencies and non-material tokens (NFT) in the metaverse

The metaverse, as discussed previously, is a virtual world where everything can be controlled. However, you must remember that Metaverse is based on the concept of digital currency.

The Metaverse world is designed to allow users to buy, sell, and trade just as they do in the real world. For this reason, digital currencies may be an excellent solution.

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is becoming increasingly common as we gain a greater understanding of digital currencies. NFTs are a new phenomenon arising from blockchain technology, and they are gaining popularity at an exponential rate.

Thus, non-monogamous tokens have become an integral part of the Metaverse world and play an important role in helping people own their land, items, and avatars.

Features of Metaverse


In Metaverse, this is by far the most important feature, and it suggests that having a sense of presence while interacting with fellow users contributes to improving the quality of your interactions with other users. Researchers have shown that by having a sense of presence in the virtual world, people can improve the quality of their interaction with other users.

As we are immersed in headsets and screens every day, a sense of intimacy and presence is conveyed to us through them.


Using Metaverse’s collaborative features, users can collaborate with friends and colleagues around the world. They can travel anywhere in this virtual world and collaborate, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of an independent virtual world while simultaneously taking part in its facilities.


Among the key aspects of Metaverse is the standardization of the content, which contributes greatly to its influence. Metaverse is no different in this regard since every system and organization should be governed by a standardization policy.

Taking the example of Metaverse, the development of such a feature was seen as such an important development that a global organization was established to ensure the standard protocol within Metaverse in such a significant manner.

Endless world

As the metaverse world does not have any physical limits and is capable of expanding infinitely, it can expand to an infinite amount and the limit to its expansion is unlimited, therefore, it can be described as an endless universe.


A key feature of the Metaverse is the ability of users to communicate and engage simultaneously with other users around the world. In other words, the Metaverse offers users the ability to communicate and engage with billions of people simultaneously.


It may be one of the most compelling elements of Metaverse, as all information, including information without the need to search, is available to all users.


Metaverse worlds may be built and added to. They can also be modified in any way you see fit. Your changes will be applied when you return to that Metaverse world. What makes this fantastic world a unique one is the capability to add and modify anything you wish.


Some people may find their quality of life increased if they can take advantage of the Metaverse’s advantages, such as eliminating the expenses associated with the physical world, such as commuting, training, obtaining hardware and software, etc.

Metaverse limitations

Compatibility issues and non-compliance

It is true that everything in today’s world is becoming increasingly mechanized, but there are still some who wish to live in their traditional ways rather than adopt the modern way of living. For example, some people prefer to read printed books over to read electronic books.

Some individuals prefer to pay by cash rather than by credit or debit card when they purchase items rather than through the internet. Since these individuals are still unable to communicate effectively with the internet, how can they adapt to the Metaverse?

Eliminate physical pleasures in the real world

In spite of the fact that a metaverse allows users to access everything they wish, wherever they wish, and whenever they wish, it is also a limitation and weakness for humans, since it eliminates some of the pleasures they used to enjoy in the real world. As we stated earlier, users have access to everything they wish, wherever they wish, and whenever they wish.

There are several challenges in this regard. For example, in real life one of the pleasures of traveling is seeing the scenery and the routes along the journey, but in the Metaverse this could prove challenging since you could travel to any point in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the metaverse has removed plenty of other enjoyments such as repairing old devices, teaching children, cleaning, working out in the morning, going for a night walk with friends, etc.

It is possible that technology enthusiasts do not notice these limitations or even consider them humorous at times, however, we must never forget that a life oriented exclusively towards achieving a goal can also have its disadvantages and may negatively impact our quality of life.

Will Metaverse replace the Internet?

Metaverse and Web3

It is widely believed in the circles we travel in that Metaverse will replace the Internet, and some have even gone so far as to describe it as the future of the Internet. We might be correct someday since Metaverse will provide us with access to all information and data, which will decrease our dependence on the Internet somewhat.

The number of websites around the world is estimated to be approximately 17 billion. However, such a large amount of information cannot be transferred in one step to a small project like Metaverse.

As far as Mark Zuckerberg is concerned, the Metaverse is simply another version of the current Internet, and he insists users will still be able to access the current Internet. However, many of the current Internet features will replace those offered by the Metaverse.

The best Metaverse projects

Among the interesting projects in the field of digital currency is a Metaverse platform that enables users to earn money while playing games. This platform also functions as a way for users to earn money, which is becoming increasingly common within the field of digital currency.

The Decentraland platform allows gamers to create various buildings using blockchain technology, such as amusement parks, and make money through games such as Fortnite.


One of the best Metaverse projects is Sandbox. This blockchain-based project has many features and capabilities, including the ability to buy, sell, and claim ownership of various properties. This platform is both secure and reliable, but its biggest disadvantage is the high cost of using the Ethereum network for purchasing blockchains.


One of the most popular metaverse projects is Nakamoto, a metaverse project that uses exchangeable tokens called Naka. The game allows users to buy virtual land, build it, and then sell it. At the moment, the token is worth three dollars, making it one of the most intriguing Metaverse games available.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online game that many users are familiar with. This game’s popularity stems from the fact that its users can earn money while playing. Users can raise animals virtually and earn money by using them.

The most important companies active in the Metaverse field

1- Meta

A new name for Facebook, Meta, is one of the most important companies in the metaverse. Meta has invested over 50 million dollars in the development of the Metaverse.

2- Microsoft

It should be noted that Microsoft, another prominent player in the Metaverse space, has been involved in the development of holograms and extended reality models via its Microsoft Mesh platform, which allows the creation of holograms and extended reality models before entering this arena.

By 2022, the company plans to integrate real-world scenarios with the world of virtual reality, augmented reality, and holograms. Microsoft Teams, a real-time chat service, will also be launched. Virtual avatars will also be developed.

3- Epic

Recently, IPECC, the developer of Fortnite, announced it was interested in developing a “Metaverse” for the game. Several artists from the game, including Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, have performed in the game, and Martin Luther King’s famous 1963 speech has also been recreated by the developers.

Famous brands in the world in Metaverse

Several other prominent brands around the world are also actively participating in the virtual and metaverse field and are trying to establish their position through it. Facebook and Microsoft are two prominent companies in the virtual and metaverse arena.

Fashion or clothing tend to be the predominant forces in this field, as opposed to other fields like communications, fashion, and music. Among the brands active in this field are Uniqlo, which created some digital clothes for the Minecraft game, and French luxury goods company Balenciaga released its Fortnite collection.

Metaverse and Web 3

In the Web 3 technology category, several innovative technologies have evolved, and the category continues to expand due to the introduction of such technologies as blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The category primarily focuses on digital currencies, metaverses, and tokens.

A metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to engage in several real-world activities remotely and at a lower cost, in a manner that replicates real-world events. This world is powered by blockchain technology, which reduces power concentrations, develops a financial system, and facilitates identity creation.

Metaverse, as explained above, can be considered a component of Web 3 since it provides all of the major functions we are seeking in a new generation of web applications.

Although various blockchain projects are active in various areas of Web 3 and it is possible to use them now, there is still no complete system that can be called Web 3. This idea is very new and needs more time to develop. With the emergence of scalable blockchain projects, this idea will also expand day by day.

The future of the Metaverse

future of metaverse

Meta captures this idea perfectly as we evolve to become more technologically advanced than ever before. As we become more connected with the world and the people around us, the metaverse provides a means of increasing human contact.

Currently, technology has brought a great deal of change to human life; artificial intelligence has been introduced, the Internet of Business is becoming more widespread, and social network applications have grown. Human life has undergone a fundamental change in the last ten years, which is why the differences between how we live today and how we lived a decade ago are as great as a leap into the sky.

In our time, metaverses have become increasingly popular due to their ability to provide a platform for communication and a means to gain diverse experiences, despite the limitations of the current internet. Through a metaverse, anything is possible: you can design your favorite character and live the same as you would in the real world.

The point of sharing and connecting Metaverse with blockchain technology is to let you control anything you want completely decentralized without having to rely on one government institution for its authority.

As companies operate in an infinite world, Metaverse provides them with the opportunity to interact more effectively with their consumers; it allows them to organize events, share features, and communicate with their users in a way they could never have imagined; and, they can do this by creating a completely new means of communicating with their consumers.

It has been stated by Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder, that the Metaverse platform will be not only used among employees of the company but will also be relied upon in the next three years. Gates stated that all meetings will be conducted on Metaverse platforms by the end of the next three years.

As Gates points out, it eliminates employees’ dependence on one workplace, allowing the dissemination of knowledge throughout the metaverse to be more rapid as a result.

Technological advancements have given us many benefits, but they have also helped to isolate humans more than ever before. Historically, people would interact with outside environments and commute, but that has changed significantly as technology has advanced.

Metaverses or better worlds make things easier, but at the same time intensify isolation. One of the most significant disadvantages of technology is that it is isolating us from social interaction.