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      The Raadco services organization has the experience and expertise to help your business meet your goals and objectives faster, with less risk. Raadco is an IT service company who assists customers with different kinds of services such as project design, web development, application development, artificial intelligence and machine learning in achieving their business objectives with the use of technology.


     Whether you power your business growth with an app or need multifunctional embedded software, hiring professional developers is a must. Still, many companies don’t need a full-fledged, full-time development department due to operational costs, administrative issues or lack of long-term software development plans. If this is exactly your case, outsourced services are your best and most efficient management solution.
     Your organization just needs to choose the right software development subcontractor and transfer the tasks and responsibilities to its team of developers. In this respect, Leobit can offer you a dedicated professional team based on your software requirements, preferences, and development needs. Your organization will cut expenditures and development time avoiding a tiring recruitment process. A dedicated team of developers offers a unique opportunity to benefit from external resources with continuous professional support. There’s no need to invest in technical infrastructure, personnel training, and HR-related operations. Leobit will take care of all administrative responsibilities ensuring your full control over the management issues and ultimate transparency.

We approach each project individually
You can be sure that we will plan and implement an individual, expert work process for your project. We will create a detailed analysis of the activities and we will provide you with suggestions for tailor-made solutions. As a result, we will optimize the time needed to complete the project and you will save the money you planned to spend on it.
We guarantee a flexible approach to the project
We know that new ideas and solutions are sometimes born unexpectedly. If a new idea comes to your mind, tell us about it! We are very flexible and happy to discuss improvements at every stage of the project. Do you need to have a project finished at lightning speed? Our web development company will allocate all our resources for you and deliver the task on time.
We speak transparently about costs
We clearly define the cost of project implementation. We will show you precisely what your money is being spent on. We also guarantee that we work in the white label model - we can work as an extension of your own team.

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What is the benefits of dedicated team services?


     Flexible development model If you don't have to maintain an in-house development department, you have more freedom with regard to deadlines, project scope, changes in services and technology suite. A dedicated team is formed.


    Thanks to the outsourced development, you don't have to worry about organizing the recruiting process. Other tasks such as management, technical support and vocational training are also carried out by the development service provider. The development team regularly provides your reports, software and updates to ensure maximum transparency of the software development. You just need to be more discriminatory in the help you give to other people. The development team follows all technical steps to inform you of important requirements and business needs. In most cases, the scope of your commitment and responsibility depends solely on your project characteristics and personal preferences.


     If you do not have the appropriate technical experience, consulting with a dedicated development team service will save your time and budget. Relying on the team's expertise can help you avoid common software / management development mistakes and associated risks. A professional development team will advise you on the right price and quality ratio in order to achieve your business goals with the best technological solutions. In addition, skilled developers create a strong, easy-to-maintain product that does not require costly support and constant updates.


     No one can code and test better than a company providing professional software development services. Our developers receive continuous training in ever-changing technologies and programming skills. Leobit promotes knowledge sharing and mentorship for the personal growth of every team member. Outsourcing your development to our team, you’ll get a level of expertise that would be very hard to ensure if hiring in house.


     A A dedicated team can grow your business without increasing the number of employees. With this cost-effective approach, you can easily outperform your competitors. Companies that do not outsource their software development to a third-party team are also missing out on the latest technology and market knowledge. This is how an outsourcing development team is grouped: loyal skilled workers, cost reduction and higher production capacity


     If you always want to use innovative systems but don't have enough resources, a bespoke dedicated team model is the best choice. As your software development partner, Leobit offers the best team of BAs, RMs, SAs, DevOps, programmers, UI / UX designers and testers for your project requirements.